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Scott Bulkley took over the reigns of the NHS Boys lacrosse program in 2016 and led the team to the SWC Championship in his first season as head coach. Since that time he has kept the Nighthawks at the top of the SWC as he continues to grow the program.

2018: 15-4

2017: 11-8

2016: 11-9; SWC Champions

Glenn Adams was the head coach of Newtown High School Boys lacrosse team from 2010 until 2015. The Nighthawks comprised a record of 83 wins and 35 losses and won two SWC Championships during his tenure.

2015: 13-7

2014: 14-4; SWC Champions

2013: 10-8

2012: 15-5; CT Class L Semifinalists

2011: 17-3; SWC Champions

2010: 13-7

All State Players:

2018: Tucker Garrity, Kyle Shirk

2017: Tucker Garrity

2016: Jared Pearson, Charlie Fletcher, Colin McCafferty

2015: Deegan Beauchemin

2014: Alec Beauchemin; Cameron Partrick

2013: Dan Hebert, Alec Beauchemin, Jack Kearney

2012: Justin Brophy, Trey Trudell, Will Fletcher

2011: Lewis Thompson, Colby Summerlin, Will Northrop, Max Nacewicz

2010: Colby Summerlin

All SWC Players:

2018: First Team: Tucker Garrity, Layton Harrel, Kyle Shirk, Tanner Stergue; Second Team: Evan Eggleston, Tyler Rising, Michael Garner, Cayden Dunn; Honorable Mention: Jake Dandrea

2017: First Team: Scott Bauer, Tucker Garrity, Layton Harrell; All Division 1: Cayden Dunn, Tyler Rising

2016: First Team: Jared Pearson, Charlie Fletcher, Colin McCafferty, Mark Urso; All Division 1: Matt Meyers, Tucker Garrity, Layton Harrell, Gordon Walsh 

2015: First Team: Matt Meyers, Deegan Beauchemin, CJ Dunn, Nick Rubino, Joey Santella, Matt Bouton, Mark Urso; Second Team: Bubba Condon, Jared Pearson

2014: First Team: Jacob Ball, Alec Beauchemin; Cameron Partrick; Second Team: Ryan Sullivan, Bubba Condon, Nick Rubino, John Rospenda, Matt Bouton; Honorable Mention: Matt Meyers, Deegan Beauchemin, Jared Pearson, CJ Dunn, Doug Miller, Chase Wurtz, Joey Santella

2013: First Team: Dan Hebert, Alec Beauchemin, Jack Kearney; Second Team: Deegan Beauchemin

2012: First Team: Justin Brophy, Trey Trudell, Will Fletcher, Hunter Bassett, Cory Fisher, Justin Spath; Second Team: Dan Hebert, Brendan McNamara

2011: First Team: Lewis Thompson, Colby Summerlin, Will Northrop, Tom Murphy, Max Nacewicz; Second Team: Justin Brophy, Jack Kearney, Will Fletcher, Brandon Body, Dan Sclafani; Honorable Mention: Dan Hebert​

2010: First Team: Lewis Thompson, Colby Summerlin, Max Nacewicz; Second Team: Will Northrop, Dan Sclafani, Ralph Sergiovanni, Connor McNamara, Tim Dalton