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Brian Micena was the head boy's lacrosse coach at Newtown (CT) High School from 2001 - 2009. During that time the Nighthawks compiled a record of 96 wins against 71 defeats and won three SWC Championships. Newtown was also twice honored with the SWC Team Sportsmanship Award. Coach Micena was named the CT Class L Coach of the Year and US Lacrosse Coach of the Year in 2009. 


2009: 17-4; SWC Champions

2008: 16-5; SWC Finalist

2007: 5-11

2006: 6-11

2005: 3-14

2004: 9-10; SWC Finalist


2003: 15-3, SWC Champions


2002: 17-4, SWC Champions, CT Division 2 State Champion Runner Up


2001: 8-9


All-American Players


2009: Kyle McNamara


All State Players


2009: Kyle McNamara, Jacob Dauz, Kevin Canavan


2008: Kyle McNamara


All SWC Players


2009: First Team: Kevin Canavan, Jacob Dauz, Jaime Vavrek, Kyle McNamara; Second Team: Christian Beitel, Brian Reszoly, Max Nacewicz, Rob O'Donnell, Clarence Cheung


2008: First Team: Kevin Canavan, Kyle McNamara, Conor Martin, Will Mahony, Jacob Dauz; Second Team: Ben Mahony; Honorable Mention: Max Beitel


2007: Second Team: Travis Speer, Will Mahony, Scott Regnery