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Basic Offensive/Defensive Terms


Defensive terms:


Goal Line Extended or GLE: imaginary lines extending from goal line to side line


X: the spot located directly behind the goal


Crease: the spot located directly in front of the goal


Red Zone: most threatening area for high percentage shots, 15 ft. semi circle in front of cage


“RAC”:  means Read the offensive set, Adjust the defense to counter the offensive set, and Capitalize on our opportunities.  Hand signal is triangle shape made with two hands.


Sit Down:  This is a call from coach to squat more in your defensive stance.


X:  Area behind the cage, X


Offensive terms:


“One More”:  means move the ball to an open teammate.


“Push it”: means get the ball down the field and see if you can find a 2 on 1 situation.


Pass down pick down:  means ball carrier passes ball down the side and then follows pass and sets pick for teammate.


Razor:  pick that is set on the GLE for a drive from X


Down the side:  Clearing ball down the side of the field and through X