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Important Information!

Dear players and parents,

I hope you all had a relaxing summer.  As the fall begins we have to start to prepare for the spring season, which will be here faster than we expect.  By preparation, I mean there are certain items that need to be ordered due to the time it takes for those items to be made to be ready for the spring.  We have two team stores.  One team store will have apparel, which all we ask that players purchase is the shooting shirt (players wear on game day) and practice shorts.  If you do not have a Newtown lacrosse pinnies, we ask that also purchase one of these.  If you are not a returning varsity player, please choose a number higher than 30 so that there is no confusion over numbers between the two levels players gear. Every other item in the apparel store is optional.  Some of the items are great holiday gifts and will be delivered in early December.. The second store will be for those players who need new gloves or a Newtown lacrosse helmet.  Please see below.

Team Store:   The team store will open mid September and players/families will be able to buy Newtown Lacrosse gear for the upcoming season.  The only required items are practice shorts and shooting shirts.  * Any new players please also purchase a practice pinney.  All other items are optional. 

Apparel - https://newtownhsblax2019fall.itemorder.com/

Helmets and Gloves: All Newtown lacrosse players should have an all white (with white face mask) helmet for the Spring season.  There will be a team store that will offer the helmet the Varsity players wear.  *It is very important to note that new high school rules mandate that all helmets are up to date for their safety.  Please make sure your son is not wearing a helmet that is more than 4 years old.

Gloves:  Any player who would like to purchase Newtown lacrosse gloves, there will be a team store for these as well. 

Helmet and gloves- 



Fall workouts:  Non-Fall sport athletes there will be lifting Mondays and Thursdays at the High School after 5 pm.  Exact times will be sent out soon.

Stickwork and Shooting opportunities:  NYA provides stickwork and shooting on Tuesday nights.

Sticks for Soldiers:  Anyone interested in participating in this fundraising event the Saturday after Thanksgiving, please email Coach Bulkley at  .  This event is open to all levels.

Sunday night clinics at NYA:  More information to follow.

Tryouts: For Varsity only Saturday March 21st.  Fitness test includes 150 pushups and 25 pullups in 10 minutes.  Mile and a half run 11 minutes.

Participation Form : (needs to be signed by the nurse) 

Up to date physical examination: (check with school nurse if you have not updated in the last 13 months)

All forms can be found online at nighthawksports.com or in the nurse's office of main office.

All student athletes need to be academically eligible to participate in tryouts.

Participation Fee Paid (once teams are made)

Equipment needed (helmet, mouth piece, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, and cup).

Team schedule on GoHawkslax.com and on CIAC website (time and locations).

Practices will be for the first two weeks of the season a combined group (Varsity and JV together) on Blue and Gold.  JV will practice for 90 minutes (5:15 to 6:45) and Varsity will practice for 150 minutes (5:15 to 7:45).

We will have practices and games over April vacation.  If JV players miss time over April their player time will be impacted when they return.  No Varsity player is allowed to go on vacation or miss practices.  If you plan on going on vacation you do not tryout for varsity.

Coaching staff:

Head Coach Scott Bulkley

Varsity Assistant Coach Steve Groccia

JV Head Coach Chris Gregory

Parent/Player Information

Please read the Newtown High School Athletic Handbook found at nighthawksports.com

Register on team website: Gohawkslax.com

Register on our twitter account: Newtown Hawks Lax or @newtown_lax

Chain of Command: The Newtown High School Athletic Department strongly encourages our student-athletes to advocate for themselves when dealing with the coaching staff. This chain of command allows a coach to work first with a student-athlete to resolve any playing time issues or other differences of opinion.

 Student-athlete discusses situation with coach.


 Parent discusses situation with coach player must be present.


 Student-athlete/parent discuss situation with Athletic Director.


 Student-athlete/parent discuss situation with building administrator.


Parents should never approach a coach or an assistant coach to discuss playing time before, during, or after practice or game or in the parking lot or in a public area (supermarket, restaurant, youth game, etc).  Email me at   to set up a meeting.


Drug/Alcohol Policy:  Please review so that parents and players are clear with the consequences if there is a violation of the policy.

Playing Time 

Playing time will be earned in practice.  The players that exhibit team first attitude, are committed to the program, work hard, and give maximum effort, will put themselves into the best possible position to earn playing time.  

If a player is not getting the playing time desired then the coaching staff has determined at that time that another player gives the team a better chance at success.  If a player wants to get more playing time they should play better than the player in front of them in practice.  The player should speak to their coach about what they need to work on to improve their game.  The best players play.  Regardless of grade.

Attendance at practices and games will be a large determining factor in playing time as well.  It is an expectation of all Newtown Lacrosse players that the spring lacrosse season is their number one priority.  Participation in out of season sports activities, club teams, camps, showcases, etc will impact playing time.  Going on vacation will also impact playing time.


Goal of the Program

My goal is to create a family environment where all the players play for each other, give back to the community, and become great role models for the youth of our town.  Newtown Lacrosse will become one of the top programs in Connecticut.  We will create opportunities for young men to get into a better college than they would have without lacrosse and we will compete for Championships.


by posted 09/13/2019